Liquid Flower Topical Pain Relief

Liquid Flower was created out of need. The need for alternative, high quality, non-toxic, natural and organic products which address numerous ailments and conditions that affect so many people today. We have a commitment to using only the best, fairest and most natural ingredients available. This includes working with local and responsible farmers who share our vision. Our CANNA-BUTTER contains zero preservatives, leaving only pure healthy ingredients which heal the way nature intended. • ANTI-AGING • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY • ANTI-BACTERIAL • ANTI-FUNGAL • ANTI-ITCHING • 100% NON-TOXIC • VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE • PRESERVATIVE FREE • CRUELTY FREE • NON-COMEDOGENIC “We believe in healing with nature... untouched, it’s the best medicine” BENEFITS & USES • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF • RELAXATION • REDUCES TENSION • PSORIASIS & ECZEMA • GOUT • RICH HYDRATION • SUN PROTECTION • HEALING & SCARRING • DIABETIC NERVE PAIN • MINOR CUTS & SCRAPES

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